Photography Training and Therapy.


The follow is  a guide to the current courses available and an outline of the content. These courses have been continually evolving over the past six years and have been used with a range of disability and mental health organisations over that time. These courses are considered to be innovative as there has been very little activity using photography in occupational therapy and art therapy in Australia in the past.

These courses have come about through my own personal use of photography as a coping strategy for managing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The results have been very positive and through these courses I will continue to research and develop new techniques for therapeutic use in the world of visual imagery.

Introduction to Digital Photography.

Introduction to Digital Photography provides basic information on caring for the camera, the main functions of a digital camera, the important aspects of light in photography, basic information on portraits, landscapes, macro, travel photography, night photograph and composition.

Also used to facilitate self expression, communication, self awareness and personal development.

Twelve hours duration usually 2 houras per week over six weeks.


Digital Story Telling

Digital Story telling is a hands on program where the participants, are guided through the process of writing stories and taking appropriate photographs for a 4 – 6 page story output. Skills gained include investigative skills, writing, editing, moral obligations, team work, newsletter layout, printing styles, social skills and basic photography. This course is also be used to teach social communication skills through interviewing, negotiation, visual imagery and inclusion..

Twelve hours duration

Sound Images.

Sound Images is a newly developed course that combines visual images and music. Students develop an understanding of how to make visual, the sound, colour and verse of music and song. This course uses aspects of music therapy and photo therapy mixing the two to produce the individual’s visual and auditory interpretation of their favourite piece of music.

Twelve to fourteen hours duration, also at 2 hours per week.


Advanced Photography

Designed for the advanced amateur wanting to hone their photographic skills. Topics include maual focusing, depth of field, use of apeture and shutter speed, composition techniques and more.

Also a twelver hour program