Cultural Diversity in Queensland - A Photographic Record


Figures from the last Census  (2011) identify over 220 different nationalities help make up Queenslands population, we would probably recognise only a few. We sterotypically recognise Africans, Asians, Europeans, Aboriginals, Islanders and Middle Eastern by sight and them we can often recognise specific cultural heritage through commonly know accents for example, USA, Spanish, French, English, Scottish, Irish, South African and New Zealanders. What we often fail to consider is the number of different countries that these people come from,


This project is designed to show the rest of the population just how diverse and multicultural we really are and just how integrated the majority of these immigrants have become and how their culture now influences our society.


To start the project I will concentrate on the local government area of Ipswich, a city that is highly diverse in itself, to demonstrate how multiculturalism is a part of our everyday lives. Any nationality that feels they may be missed would be welcome to contact me so ensure that they are included. The process is simple in that a representive from that group will be asked a series of question relating to where they came from, what was the reason for immigrating to Australia, what part of their culture is now embedded in Australian society, what have they given up by coming here and what do they now contribute to our communities.